Sunday, February 5, 2012

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to Stop Load Shedding - Quick and useful Solution

We are in an energy crisis and every one of us must make some drastic changes to ensure that we have electricity and that the economy can continue to run.

The first thing everyone should realize is that in the short-term Eskom and the government can't help us. In fact, the short-term solution is just to punish everyone to stop loading or rationing.

The next thing to understand is that we can help ourselves and everyone else. Here's what to do (keep reading to find out how ...)
  1. Off the air conditioners
  2. Turn your water heater
  3. Turn off your pool pump
  4. Turn off all power consuming mode (TV's, DVD players, cell phone chargers, etc.)
  5. Switch to CFL and LED lights (lights and use less)
  6. Devices such as late evening or early morning can
  7. Use their computers to save energy

Eskom issues's developed

You must first understand the problem of how to deal with properly. There is a very confusing information out there, stupid politician's confused statements through information technology.

There are two types of energy shortages, scarcity of supply and lack of capacity. Think of it as a dam and pipes. The lack of supply means that there is enough water in the dams, while the lack of capacity means that the pipes are not large enough to get enough water each.

Eskom has no capacity. This means that there is enough production capacity to meet peak demand.

Spreading the load

Eskom needs to reduce demand by about 3000MW (megawatts) In other words, we must spread the load more evenly, so during peak hours is enough for everyone.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Going Green with Solar Energy

Solar Energy is a green way of producing electrical energy. As the source is renewable it is one of the most effective methods to generate power for household as well as commercial uses.
Solar energy can be obtained as two types. These are active and passive energies. Active solar energy is a combination of the heat and light of the sun. The technology involved in this process is same as those photovoltaic cells. These cells convert sunlight into DC electricity. It can be used in any climate if sunlight is available. Active solar energy which uses the photovoltaic cells have very little carbon footprints. This power can be used to create electricity or heat water.
Passive Solar Energy is the energy obtained by the use of only the heat energy from the sun. This direct heat energy can be used to dry out clay bricks, groceries, clothes, and for other day to day activities. Passive solar energy can be utilized well in homes which are constructed in an environment friendly manner. Use of heat absorbing materials in the home keeps the rooms warm and cozy. Ventilating the house properly and installing glass instead of wooden window shields can bring in more sunlight and thus save on electricity bills. Passive Solar Energy also has no carbon footprints.
So you can make use of the solar energy to save on electricity bills as well as live an environment friendly life. To produce active solar energy you will have to install solar panels.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Free Source of Energy

Population of this world is increasing very rapidly. Resources are being minimizing very quickly. The use of petrol, gas and coal is very common. Every thing is depending on oil and gas. If the use of oil and gas remains continue then that day is not far away when we have to face shortage of oil and gas which will ultimately results in energy crises.
Sun is blessing of God. Now its time to take advantage of this blessing. Sun is Free Source of Energy. Only we have to explore the ways to get energy from the sun. Solar energy can be used for houses, factory, and offices and for all the things that requires oil and gas. All the countries having sun for all the year are very lucky. Nowadays every thing is shifting on solar energy. I think all the countries should take advantages of this free source of energy. You can shift your Lights, Showers, Television, Motor cars, Trains, Buses and every thing you want. So hurry up and get full benefit of this untreatable energy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Use Solar Energy

More and more people are becoming conscious about the environment and going for natural energy options. Solar energy is one such option that is simple and economical.
The solar panels located on the house roof capture sun rays. This sets off another panel located on the other side of the home which converts the electricity or current from direct to alternating. This leads to creating of electricity in all the outlets that are there in the house. In case the residents of the house fail to use it immediately, the current is stored for future use.
Using solar energy has benefits on two fronts – financial and environmental.
  • Financial benefits are created through the reduction of energy bills. People can also garner credits from the local electrical authority. Using solar energy is also said to enhance the real estate value of a residence.
  • Environmental benefits are created through the reduction of problems related to global warming. It also leads to conservation of fossil fuels. Pollution is also reduced leading to a cleaner air and water.
Ensure that you go through quality instructions while installing solar panels on your own. This will relieve you of stress and also make you feel pleasant about your DIY project. Internet is a good place to start searching for DIY manuals.
We have gone through several guides to present you a good way of building your very own solar panels for energy. Do not hesitate and acquaint yourselves with how to generate solar energy and reduce your energy bills.

Solar Energy Advantages

The energy produced by the sun where many homeowners now utilize to generate electricity for their homes is called the solar energy. This is an alternative source of energy to the power we get from electric power companies who charge us high electricity bills. With solar energy, you can install solar panels, also called photovoltaic cells on the top of your roof and these panels will collect energy from the sun which you can even store and use at night through a net metering. Each solar panel can generate up to 24 volts DC depending on where you set the solar panel. It is best to put solar panels on parts of your roof with no trees that will cover and interfere with the accumulating of energy.

Many of us have heard a lot of pros and cons about solar energy but of course solar energy advantages outshine the disadvantages that critics have been pointing out about this type of renewable energy. Below are some of the solar energy advantages that you should know and learn in order to reap the good things solar energy offers.

1.)    Solar energy is free.
-  You just need to set up solar panels that will gather the energy from the sun and after you recovered from its cost, you can get as much solar energy as you want for free.
2.)    Solar energy is environment-friendly, clean and safe to use.
-   Unlike other renewable source of energy, solar energy does not pollute air because it does not give out chemicals that are damaging for our environment and also for us humans.
3.)    Solar energy can free you from taxes.
-    With solar energy, you can avail of the 30% solar energy tax credits which will cut the tax you are paying and unused credits can also be used for future tax payments. Solar energy can also make you independent from electric power companies so you don't have to pay high monthly electricity bills.
4.)    Solar energy is perfect for remote areas.
-     Solar energy is the perfect answer for remote areas to get their own electricity if electric power companies cannot provide them. Putting up solar panels is more cost-effective than installing electric cables to reach far-flung areas.
5.)     Solar energy does not make any noise and never runs out
-      Unlike wind turbines, solar energy does not make any noise thus it won't disturb you and your family especially when you're at rest. It also does not run out because you can store the energy and use it at night.
6.)    Solar energy is efficient yet inexpensive.
-      Solar energy is considered the most efficient alternative source of energy and is inexpensive depending on how much energy you want to gather. You can decide how many solar panels you install depending on your budget and needs.

The main reason why homeowners choose to utilize solar energy to get electricity for their homes is to be free from paying huge bills charged by power supplying companies. Aside from that, solar energy can free you from unexpected power blackouts where we are sometimes uninformed by our electricity provider and this affects our daily tasks. Now is the time for you to do the necessary transition from being dependent on power electric companies to having your own source of power. Give solar energy a try so you can experience all the good benefits it can provide you.

Solar Energy a Reliable and Practical Source

These days we are experiencing a growing awareness to the fact that our energy resources, as they have been used in the last few years, are probably not going to last for long and that the energy markets are exposed to more and more rapid changes, some due to political reasons and others because of the changing climate of the planet.
Solar energy is a renewable free source of energy which is sustainable as it is not inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels which are finite. It is also a non-polluting source of energy and it does not emit any greenhouse gases when producing electricity. The solar electricity that is produced can supplement your entire or partial energy consumption. Using solar energy means reducing your energy bills and saving money. Also having solar PV panels adds value to your home, they are low maintenance and unobtrusive. Germany is the global leader for solar-generated electricity.
Why choose solar energy?
Australia is the luckiest country in the world. Our geography gives us the opportunity to use the most natural, sustainable and clean energy in our homes – the energy from the sun.

Solar thermal applications are the most widely used category of solar energy technology. These technologies use heat from the sun for water and space heating, ventilation, and many other applications.

Solar energy is not a new concept, it has been properly introduced to the global public many years ago and successfully implemented in different parts of the world in different ways, so we can say that solar energy is known to most people, but it is still not as popular as it should be, as a cheap replacement for other sources of energy. The energy of the sun, from its direct sun rays that are projected directly at the earth or by giant wind turbines are free fro us to use, to manipulate for our needs, and this can be done by almost anyone in any place, it just needs to technology and the know-how.

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